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Do you want to experience the sensation of flying?

Come and try the Flyboard with Atlantis Xtrem in the coast of Almeria and make true your dream of flying. We are at Garrucha's beach. Our expert instructors will help you to have one of the best sensations of your life, in just a few minutes after the course you'll be flying.

You don't need to do a great physical effort, if you just follow the instructor's indications and balance yourself a little, you will enjoy as never before!


Did you ever dream that you were flying? Come and try the Flyboard!


In just a few minutes after taking our course you'll be flying over the sea!


ID or Passport.
If underage, a parent authorisation is needed.
A swimsuit and a towel. (You will get wet)
A fun Attitude :)

Helmet and life vest
Initiation course with our instructors
1 person

20 min

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We have special prices for groups which are great if you want to come with your friends.

2 persons
150€ book it
  • 20 Min per person
3 persons
210€ book it
  • 20 Min per person
4 persons
270€ book it
  • 20 Min per person
5 persons
330€ book it
  • 20 Min per person

A selection of our best moments...

Check out this video we made and see for yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

Flyboard is a new watersport and we know you will have some questions about it, here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Flyboard.

  • What is a Flyboard?

    Flyboard is a new watersport invented in 2011 by the French jet ski rider Franky Zapata. The Flyboard is basically a board under your feet with two powerful jets that supply propulsion which allows you to drive the flyboard into the air and fly over the water, dive into it, jump like a dolphin and do all kind of somersaults. It's an incredible sensation that you have to try to understand.

  • What difficulty does the Flyboard have?

    The Flyboard is easier to drive than it seems. Almost everybody can fly the first day. It doesn't need a great physic effort, just a bit of balance and above everything to be comfortable playing in the water.

  • Is the Flyboard a safe activity?

    Flyboard is a VERY safe sport if it is practiced with good instructors, if you follow the instructions we'll give you, you won't have any problem in flying. We're working with the Flyboard since its very beginning, and we have a great experience riding and maintaining everyday our equipment to make you have a safe experience.

  • How does the Flyboard work?

    The Flyboard is a simple idea. We part from a conventional jet ski that picks up water from the prow and through a turbine it expels the water with a huge pressure by the poop, driving the Flyboard up.

    We connect the water exit to an eighteen meters hose and we bring all this power under the board, driving the water flux into a pair of boots with jet nozzles underneath which provides thrust for the rider to fly up to 15 m.

  • Who is able to practice Flyboard?

    In contrast of what it may seem, Flyboard is a sport for almost everyone and it doesn't demand a top shape to start. Everybody is able to practice Flyboard if they have a normal mobility. You have to be an adult, otherwise if underage bring a parental authorization.

    The two important factors to fly well are: being comfortable in the water and that you don't mind to jump into the water head-first (it'll happen a few times). If you have a certain respect for the Sea don't worry, all the equipment floats and you'll be safe with your life vest and a helmet, but you'll have to try to relax and enjoy. If you have a good balance, it's just what you need to practice Flyboard, you get all the thrust off the jet ski. You'll just have keep balanced by soft movements of your body.

  • Who's not allowed to practice Flyboard?

    Pregnant women.
    People with injuries in shoulders and knees with relapse risk.
    People with neck, back or other serious injuries.
    People with otitis or any other cause that may impede you to dive into the water.
    People under the effects of alcohol or drugs.

  • What should I bring to practice Flyboard?

    ID or Passport.
    If underage you will need a parent authorization or legal consent.
    Swimsuit and towel.
    A fun attitude :)


  • Are there any official Flyboard competitions?

    Yes, since 2012. The first Flyboard team went to China to the Jet Ski competition and organized the first World Championship in Doha (Qatar), it is held regularly since then. Since 2013 the second Flyboard World Championship is also held in Dubai.

  • Since when you can practice Flyboard in Almeria?

    Since 2014, which is when the Flyboard is expanded to all the main touristic beaches around the world. Pioneering in Andalucia, this is when Flyboard Almeria was created and started teaching the Flyboard in Garrucha's beach, Almeria. In 2016 Atlantis Xtrem starts to also offer jet ski tours and consolidates the Flyboard in the province as the trademark watersport.

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